Saturday, 9 May 2015

April 2015

Well, we’ve certainly had some finer weather this month, although night time temperatures are still low leading to steady growth on the greens.
Our spring renovations of the greens went well, and we have also been able to spike and top dress again this month, the smaller ‘pencil’ tines have done a good job of aerating to a depth of around 5 inches whilst leaving almost no disruption. This will be carried out again this month, weather depending we will do this in the week beginning Monday 11th May.
The height of cut has been reduced down to our summer height, and we are regularly using the groomers and brushes on our mowers to encourage an upright growth pattern and to fine down the leaves on our Agrostis grasses which can be ‘bushy’ at this time of year. Hopefully, as the night time temperatures pick up, we’ll get more even surfaces as the meadow grass catches up with the Agrostis’ growth rate.
We have been busy topping up bunkers with sand, and picking any stones out that we come across.
A massive thank you to everyone that came to help us with the divotting, a group of around 20 members enabled us to get most of the fairways done and even a few tees. Many thanks again as this is a job that would otherwise not have been done as we just do not have the time.
We have recently carried out some repairs to the steps on the 18th tee, and this will be finished in due course.
We are encouraged to see that more and more of our lovely Orchids are growing out on the course, correct me if I’m wrong but I believe they are ‘Early Purple’ Orchids, beautiful!

I hate to finish on a negative note but could we please encourage everyone to rake bunkers after they have been in them! Bunker raking is a very time consuming job for us, we find ourselves raking bunkers when we could be doing something far more productive, and so we need help to look after them and encourage everyone to leave the bunker as you would expect to find it.
This is how we found the 15th greenside bunker one morning!

Thank you for reading,

All of the greens staff