Wednesday, 11 May 2016

May/June 2016

Is summer finally upon us??
After weeks of asking for warmer weather, it would seem we have turned a corner and we finally have some growth to help smooth out the greens.
Our spring renovations were carried out during April and, after the application of granular fertilizer there were signs of a good recovery. . . . . .until we were halted in our tracks by a succession of frosts and cold nights. The result: bumpy greens and the usual frustrations of differing growth rates between the Poa and Agrostis grasses. To help alleviate the symptoms of this we have been gently brushing the greens and we have also carried out another topdressing application, along with another feed. We feel that now we are seeing better growing conditions that we are now through the worst and we look forward to producing some smoother surfaces.
Applying Topdressing

Away from the greens we have been busy lifting tree canopies, this helps to speed up play and also generally looks tidier..
Tree canopy lifted by 14th green
We recently held a divot party, which was well attended so thank you to all that volunteered to help.
It was a very fun evening and this really helps to present our course at its best, there is nothing worse than having to play out of a divot.

Following the divot evening, we have set up a divot bag system. You may have noticed a big black container that has been moving its way around the course at different tees, inside this container are our divot bags. We would be very pleased if when you are playing, you could pick out a divot bag and fill in your divots as you enjoy your round. There is another container for empty divot bags on the 18th, near the flagpole. Thanks to those who have started using them they are already making a difference on the fairways.
Divot Party
Divot Bags

Moles are becoming an increasingly regular nuisance on golf courses these days, and we have our fair share! Despite being a very elusive animal, we have been able to catch a few in the most affected areas. This may seem cruel but they are classified as agricultural pests.
On a lighter note you may have noticed that we have recently purchased a set of flags with our logo embroidered onto them. These were sponsored by a member so again many thanks. The flags will be used for major competitions so that we get the best longevity out of them.

Our tees and aprons continue to improve with the use of our old greens mowers. With brushes and groomers fitted, these mowers have really improved the texture and presentation of these surfaces.

The 18th
In the coming weeks we will continue to encourage growth on greens surfaces and we will be brushing and grooming to discourage lateral growth of our Agrostis grass species, standing the leaf blade up to be cut by our new mowers.
Efforts to top up sand in bunkers are ongoing and we are now using a coarser sand in our green-side bunkers due to issues with sourcing the sand used previously. The sand we are now using is the same as we use in the fairway bunkers so the bunkers will also be more uniform.

Let’s hope for more nice weather and a good season of golf!